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5th Grade Band

Fifth grade is the year that students can join the Mesick Band Program. Student can choose the Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, or Percussion to learn. Students begin the year by learning the instruments of the band, having a chance to try out various instruments, and choosing an instrument that they will be most successful at. During the second week of school, all fifth grade students and parents are invited to an informative meeting and instrumental rental night – allowing students to officially join the band program!

The Fifth Grade Band teaches basic musical notation, playing techniques, team work, and individual responsibility throughout the year. Students perform two concerts during the year: the elementary winter concert in December and the annual Spring Collage Band Concert at the end of April. Band is scheduled at the end of the school day for 30 minutes. Woodwind instruments meet every week on Monday and Wednesday; Brass and Percussion meeting every week on Tuesday and Thursday; and all students rehearse together on Fridays.




Pictured left is the 2014-2015
5th Grade Band!

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